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Course Content

  1. Preparing Straight Cables
  2. Preparing cross over cables
  3. Preparing Rollover Cables
  4. LAN Connection Overview

  1. Introduction to IPv4
  2. IPv4 Classes
  3. Subnet Mask & Slash Notation

  1. Network & Networking
  2. Description on Signals
  3. Modems & Media Converts

  1. Introduction to Subnetting
  2. FLSM & VLSM
  3. Identifying Classless IP Addressing
  4. Solving Subnetting questions

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Requirement :

  1. Any one can apply

This Course Includes :

  1. Network Fundamentals
  2. Crimping
  3. Introduction to IP addressing
  4. Subnetting
  5. Introduction to TCP/IP
  6. Lan & Wan Concepts

Who This Course Is For? :

  1. Any fresher network professional

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