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Course Content

  1. BGP ASNs, Internal & External BGP, Neighbors and Loopback Address, Auto Summarization in BGP

  1. Metric Route Load Sharing, Passive Interfaces, Route Filtering

  1. Static, Dynamic and Default Routing. IP Addressing, Summarization (Auto & Manual)

  1. Representation & Types, Global Route Aggregation, Stateful DHCP, Routing Protocols, Dual Stack, Tunelling and NAT-PT

  1. OSPF Network Types, Configuration and Verification

  1. Concepts & Processes, Multiple Redistribution Points, IP Service Level Agreement

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Requirement :

  1. CISCO Certified Network Associate Course
  2. Basic Knowledge on Networks and Switches

This Course Includes :

  1. Gateway Protocols
  2. Routing Protocols
  3. Branched Internet connectivity
  4. IPv6 Allocation and Management
  5. Secure Switch Networks

Who This Course Is For? :

  1. Experienced Network Professionals

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